Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

is ultrasonic safe?

Ultrasonic cleaning has been commercially used such as in dental practices, professional jewelers, factories, and restaurants for decades. Our goal is to bring this effective cleaning solution to millions of homes around the world! Our ultrasonic cleaning uses bubbles that are generated at 46000 hertz (frequency), transmitted through the water. It is super gentle and does not damage almost all items.

how do i use it?

  1. Add water below the max line (warm water recommended)
  2. Submerge items in water bath
  3. Put a few drops of dish soap (*optional)
  4. Click the 'wave' button for ultrasonic cleaning (3 minute timer)
  5. Click the 'sun' button for UVC sterilization

*ultrasonic and UVC functions can be operated independently too

what's in the box?

1x Ellington Gifts Ultrasonic Cleaner

1x Power Adaptor

1x Plastic Basket

1x Plastic Tweezers

1x Microfiber Cloth

1x User Guide

does it come with warranty?

All ultrasonic cleaners come with one-year replacement warranty. We extend our 100% satisfaction guarantee for the full year after your date of purchase. You must register your product by including the serial number located below the cleaner. Click this link to register and read our warranty terms.

Is it safe to clean my jewelry?

Any solid gold, non tarnished, intact, non-porous, and submersible jewelry is safe for cleaning. Plated jewelry must be at least 2.5 microns thick to be ultrasonically cleaned.

POROUS STONES: pearl, jade, opal, emerald, etc CANNOT be ultrasonically cleaned.

Always consult your jeweler.

shipping policy?

All US orders come with free expedited shipping30 day returns, AND one-year warranty.

US orders can be shipped either with UPS, USPS, FedEx, and Amazon Prime. We sometimes work together with Amazon Prime shipping to offer 2-day shipping throughout the US. Orders will deliver within 2-5 days for most US addresses.

can i just use water?

Yes! You can use only water for a gentle clean. We recommend using warm water.

For a better cleaning, use a couple drops of dish soap. Be sure to change the water once it becomes dirty!

will it damage my items?

Ultrasonic cleaning is gentle towards your items. It will not cause any damage if used properly. Read the full guide here as some damaged items may be further damaged when cleaned. However, UVC sterilization is always available to use.

does it work outside the USA?

Yes it works outside the US! The standard rated voltage is 100-240 volt. However, if you are traveling outside the US, you may need an adaptor because of the different plug.

How do I clean my glasses/sunglasses?

Make sure the lenses are facing up. Before cleaning, observe your lens and ensure that the lens coating is still intact. Any prior damage can be made worse during ultrasonic cleaning as the coating may peel off.